Duhovi prošlosti Epizoda 114 sa Prevodom

In the last episode of Ghosts of the Past, Safiye sees Han’s betrayal when they return from the forest house, she picks up the strings and makes an unexpected move. Neriman, desperate to convince Egeus, asks someone for help. Ege seems willing to leave, but there is one condition.

The only obstacle to this state of affairs is Safiye. Eventually, the brothers, one by one, begin to carry out their father’s will. Han confronts her past and takes a big step towards her happiness. Safiye, Gülben and Neriman take bold steps towards the life their father dreamed for them.

This change of theirs will turn the gloomy atmosphere of the Apartments of the Innocents into a loving home.
Gülben and Safiye fulfilled their father’s last wish. In the first released trailer, they both took a step to show that they were finally healed and went to sea.

Walking on the sea, Han is happy to see them feel the water under their feet again. What we see with the series is that the series finale will be made with a happy ending. Han also decides to come to the water and be with his sisters after they remember their dark past. End of series
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