Emanet Epizoda 675 sa Prevodom

I love the way Yaman defended Nana in front of Akcha, and the way he looks at her now, with more tenderness, with pity, nervous, revealing his feelings. Nana rejects Nedim.

Nana keeps her word short with Akcha because she is still hurt by what she said to her, and Nana’s pride is also hurt. It was so good to watch the conversation between Yusuf and Hakan, when Yaman brought their new guest to Yusuf’s room.

Nana was a little shocked when Hakan asked Jusuf, looking at Nana, if she was his mother, Jusuf told her that Nana was his teacher. Then Hakan told Jusuf that Nana loved him so much that he thought she was his mother.

Even Hakan, although he spent a very short time with them, saw how much Nana loves Jusuf! Nedim feels guilty about Nana’s rejection, so he asks Idriz for advice.
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