Emanet Epizoda 676 sa prevodom

Yaman met with an accident due to Nedim’s greedy plan which he implemented into the plan. Ferit learns that Yaman had an accident and that he is going to the accident site. Ferit informs Nana and Akča that Jaman had an accident and unfortunately they couldn’t recognize him.

Nana cannot come to terms with the fact that Yaman is dead. Nana does not allow anyone to tell Yusuf that Yaman is dead. Nana says that she does not feel that he is dead, until she sees his body no one will tell Yusuf.

Nana can’t wait for the police to do their job, so she goes to look for him. Ferit is also very hurt because of Yaman. Aisha cries on her lap like a little child, saying that she can’t live without her brother. Then Aisha admits that Yaman is his brother. At the end, Nana finds Yaman, who is wounded but alive.
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